Monday, February 8, 2016

Some pictures...

From Matt's letter this week.   2/7/16 

Haha so don't be mad I got a new mom out here... her name is mama Tessle that's what Elder Harward and I call her :)... she is this sweet old aboriginal lady that feeds us... she was taken when she was a child around 4 (lost generation) but the Irish nuns were so nice too her she is so sweet... owe some drunk guy came up to me and started sizing me up to fight me I kept saying no no im a preacher hoping he will not want to hit a "Christian mob" guy (mob means tribe) I have learned so much of these people it is so cool. I hoped god would send me somewhere that there were honest people and he did. :)


Welcome Friends and Family!  This is a blog set up for Matt while he is on his mission.  Come back often and check up to see how he is doing.  Pictures and letters will be uploaded here.  If you would like to contact Matt, his email address and mailing address is listed below.

His mailing address is:

Elder Matt Nelson
Australia Perth Mission
PO BOX 185
Tuart Hill, WA 6939

Thank you all for your prayers and support.