Friday, April 8, 2016

April 3, 2016

Dear Everyone,

We are running and gunning it in Broome.  We found a new investigator and Elder Brown, my new companion, extended his first invite.

We have contacted all our less actives and all of our investigators and got rides for them to come to church...only one less active showed up!  It has been a very humbling week.  I started to train Elder Brown as fast as I could, but realized I was pushing the training and numbers was too fast and I had to apologize and tell him that's not what it is all about.  I told him that if you can get back on a plane, leave your area, and recall all your investigators and les actives knowing them by name, their struggles and their spirit, you were a true servant of God.

We get caught up at times in the numbers and the lesson, but are we taking the time to listen, are we truly listening with our hearts.  I learned a lot this week and I still need a lot of work and I really need Gods help and the spirits help...I have learned I am not the one who can train Elder Brown, the spirit will.  So I started praying that the spirit would teach us both and how it is!  I told Elder Brown to have fun, work hard, but don't become a robot...we have an amazing message to share so share it with a smile!

I am not perfect, I've been rebuked so many times out here by the spirit and others it is not even funny...I use to laugh at all of this stuff and even denied being a Mormon a few times, but I promise I'll keep trying because I love you and I love God.  Don't be afraid, life is hard but He never asked us to be perfect...He just asked us to get up and finish the race.  May the Grace of God carry us home, not only that but may it change us into what God knows we are capable of becoming.  I am so grateful for Jesus Christ and all He has done for me.  I cannot wait to see Him again.  I know I will see Him again.  I know this work it true.

P.S.  Ahhh, when I went to Zone conference in Perth I was able to play rugby with a bunch of huge was so fun...they are loud and fun to be was awesome!

Love from the land down under!!!!

Elder Nelson